Dragon Blood, 1/16 (54 points)

Attribute Modifiers: ST +2 20
Secondary Characteristics Modifiers: Will +2 10; Fatigue +2 6
Advantages: DR +2 10; Resistant, Disease +3 3; Resistant, Poison +3 5

Dragon Blood, 1/8 (104 points)

Attribute Modifiers: ST +3 30
Secondary Characteristics Modifiers: Will +4 20; FP +4 12; Per +2 10
Advantages: DR +3 15; DR vs fire +3 9; Resistant, Disease +3 3; Resistant, Poison +3 5

Dragon Blood, 1/4 (185 points)

Attribute Modifiers: ST +4 40
Secondary Characteristics Modifiers: Will +4 20; FP +8 24; Per +2 10
Advantages: DR +4 20; DR vs fire +6 18; Resistant, Disease +3 3; Resistant, Poison +3 5; See Invisibility 25; Dragon Magery 0 20

Dragon Kin, (57 points)

Dragon Kin, or Draconians, are like Tesau but bonded with mammal races. No one is certain what mammal race they all bonded with, though the popular theory is human, but regardless they all look largely the same now. It’s said that the lower bloods cannot handle the dragon mix and the dragon takes over. Some theorize that there was a great ritual where many many dragon blooded kin attended to have their blood awakened in a different way, sharing it with their community and creating a new community apart from others. Regardless, they share draconic features, resistant to heat, strong and hearty as well as a protective layer of tough skin that resembles scales. Some hold more powerful features but these “true bloods” as they’re called are rare. (15 point unusual background)

Attribute Modifiers: ST +2 20
Secondary Characteristics Modifiers: Will +1 5; FP +2 8
Advantages: DR +2 10; Resistant, Disease +3 3; Resistant, Poison +3 5; DR vs fire +2 6

Garran (5 points)

Garran are a canine based race of bipeds, known for their warlike aggression and territorial disputes with other races. If not competing with resources, most Garran tribes will ignore other creatures, though. Some have made their way to the city, but most are primitive creatures, slow on the uptake on matters of social graces, politics and technology. Garrans practice shaman magic.

Attribute Modifiers: ST +2 20; IQ-1 [-20]
Advantages: Discriminatory Smell 15; +3 to all toxins 5; Hearing +2 4
Disadvantages: No peripheral vision [–15]; Mild stress atavism [–10]
Racially Learned Skills: Intimidation 1

Orc, City (-9 point)

Attribute Modifiers: ST +2 20; IQ-1 [-20]; HT +1 10
Advantages: +2 taste & smell 4; Fearlessness +2 4; Fit (nighttime only) 4; Infravision 10; Rapid Healing 5; Resistant, Disease +3 3;
Disadvantages: Unattractive [-4]; Callous [-5]; Disturbing Voice [-10]; Impulsiveness CR:12 [-10]; Code of Honor (Soldier) [-10]; Reputation -1 [-5]; Unfit (daytime only) [-4]; Bowlegged [-1]

Reptile Man (40 points)

Attribute Modifiers: ST +4 40; IQ -1 [-20]; HT +2 20
Advantages: DR +1 5; Claws (Cutting) 5; Longevity 2; Peripheral vision 15; Teeth; (Cutting) 1; Temp Tolerance 1lvl centered at 70degrees 1
Disadvantages: Intolerance (species) [–10]; Reputation –3 [-15]; Shyness (Mild) [-5]; Inscrutable [-1]
Racially Learned Skill: Camouflage 1; Survival Desert 1

Goblins (8 points)

Small, often grey or green skinned people who rely on trade and commerce rather than brawn. Once, Goblins were prevalent across the land, living in tribes and even building cities, but the encroachment of the empire forced them underground. Finally, an uneasy peace was worked out and goblins became more acceptable in modern society. Shops were opened and goblin merchants crossed the lands. Persecution of goblins has fallen off dramatically and there has been even a begrudging respect forming for the diminutive merchants. It is said that the goblin language was the origins of Imperial trade tongue.

Where other cultures pride themselves on strength or speed or intelligence, Goblins pride themselves on being collectors and traders. A “complete set” is to be treasured, envied and debated constantly over whether or not to be sold or displayed as a status symbol.

Attribute Modifiers: ST -3 [-30]
Advantages: Xeno Cultural Adaptability 20; Language Talent 10
Disadvantages: Compulsive trading [-5]; Compulsive collecting [-5]
Racially Learned Skill: Merchant 1
Racially Learned Quirks: obsession with “complete set” [-1]

Elves, (70 points)
Elves are the quintessential fantasy race: very similar to humans (and cross-fertile with them, in many settings), but exceptionally beautiful, ageless, and naturally magical. Some descriptions make them superb artists, while others say that they ultimately lack creativity; this version avoids either option, while making them sensitive to the beauty of landscapes and living creatures. Elves normally live in forested areas. They use their magic to enhance the growth and fertility of their forests. Survival rolls in an elven forest are at +1 or better. They find clearing the land repugnant, and since elven leaders have centuries of skill in warfare, elven forests tend to stay forested. Elves are comparatively slender, relying on speed and agility more than raw strength. Determine their height normally from their ST and add 2”.

Attribute Modifiers: ST-1 [-10]; DX+1 20
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Per+1 5.
Advantages: Appearance (Attractive) 4; Magery 0 5; Perfect Balance 15; Telescopic Vision 1 5; Unaging 15; Voice 10
Racially Learned Skills: Connoisseur (Natural Environments) (A) IQ-1

Dwarves, (35)
Dwarves are a race of miners, metalworkers, and craftsmen. They live underground, which is their workplace and protection from enemies. Dwarves are small but strong and enduring,
with highly developed combat skills. They may become alchemists or specialize in enchanting, if they are magically gifted, but few dwarves practice other sorts of magic. Many have Magic
Resistance. Dwarves might be only 2/3 as tall as humans, but they are much longerlived, with a nose for gold and a flair for all forms of craftsmanship. Dwarves often live in underground halls, and their eyes are adapted to dim light. Many dwarves have Miserliness, but this is not a racial trait.

Attribute Modifiers: HT+1 10
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: SM -1; Will+1 5.
Advantages: Alcohol Tolerance 1; Artificer 1 10; Detect Gold (Vague, -50%) 3; Extended
Lifespan 1 2; Lifting ST +2 6; Night Vision 5 5.
Disadvantages: Greed (15) [-7].


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