Occupational Growth

Swords of light: Sword, Shield, Riding, Savoire Faire, Heraldry
Reward: 10 points toward training

The inquisition: Criminology, Search, Detect lies, Interrogation, 1 weapon
Reward: 10 points toward investigation

Raven blades : Stealth, Disguise, Poisons, 1 weapon (small), Holdout
Reward:10 points toward assassination

Order of the sacred bond: Thaumotology, innate attack, 3 spells
Reward: Tower guild +1 level spells 5 points in magic

Sister’s of mercy: Diagnosis, Physician, Herbalist, 2 healing spells
Reward: 10 points additional herbs, 5 points in magic

Myst Walkers : Survival, Observation, Heraldry, Navigation, Stealth
Reward:10 points toward training

Iron Company: Sword or spear, Shield, Soldier, Hiking, Heraldry
Reward:10 points toward training or 1 point ST

Imperial order: Theology, Research, Public Speaking, Religious Ritual, Language (dragon)
Reward:10 points toward religion or citizenry

Occupational Growth

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